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I wrote this poem for people who are having a hard time in life. If you are down, remember these words.

As I was leaving out the door, so much I had to do,

get groceries, pay bills and go to a game too.

Before I got out the door, the phone started to ring.

I needed to answer it, but "hurry" was the thing.

After a few more rings, I finally stopped to pick up the phone,

I hesitated to tell them that "Nobody's gonna be Home!"

With a pause and to find that it was an unfamiliar voice,

I asked who it was, my friend Barbara, Tim or Joyce?

As a chill went down my spine to hear him say,

"I am the one on the cross who was betrayed."

Out of disbelief I demanded to know,

"who is this" or I will hang up and go.

Again, I heard his voice as he began to say,

"I am the one that heard you cry, just yesterday."

Scared and confused I cried to him,

"Oh God in which way did I sin?"

With no response, I was getting scared,

so I blurted out sins that nobody shared.

"I know I cheated on my test,

but it was better than just a guess. Please forgive me."

He responded, "That is not why I called..."

"I know I didn't give the offering that I should,

I was low on money, if I had it, I would. Please forgive me."

He responded, "That is not why I called..."

Terrified to try one last time, I told him of my deepest

sin, as I began to cry.

"Lord, it was a great night. One thing led to another, I lost the fight."

"I gave in to a time of lust,

to later realize I abused your trust."

"With all of my heart...PLEASE FORGIVE ME!"

For a long time I waited in fear, to hear a response the the time was near.

"My Child, from the day you were born, I knew your path. Sometimes, decisions are made out of haste and wrath. That is why you have fallen on your knees at night, when you should just let go and give me the fight."

"The reason why I called, if you must know, is just to tell you that I LOVE you so."

Poem written by: Kelly Davidson

Sometimes, as Christians, we spend too much time counting our sins. Ask for forgiveness, and trust that you are forgiven. The Lord said "so that you may have life and have it abundantly....". This is not speaking of our afterlife, but speaks about today. Take one day at a time, and make each day, the best day you can.


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