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This section is dedicated for the restoration updates on the Honda CT90
This bike orignally belong to Karen's grandaddy. Linda Clark (Karen's Aunt) had aquired this bike and requested that it be worked on. We have been given the privilege making this bike fully functional. We will be posting information here accordingly.

01/11/2000 - So far, Karen and I have gotten the motor broke down. The engine and back wheel both are locked up. Karen and I had to take a mallod hammer to free the piston. After checking the piston, it is too much involved with getting this piston to work. The rust has embedded the rings. We got the funds from Linda and ordered a new piston, new rings, required gaskets, and book. For now, this is enough to at least get the engine running. I have to holm the cylinder out, because of the rust at the top it. I plan on taking off this thursday and friday. If the parts come in, I will pick them up and start putting the engine back together. Now, concerning the back wheel, I was told by Honda that it will be the hardest part freeing up the back wheel. I am able to get the transmission to go into neutral, but we did this by taking off the chain to the back wheel. I will tear down the back wheel later. We just want to get the engine running for now.
01/20/2000 - We picked up the piston and rings yesterday. I plan on reworking the cylinder walls with a holm. We'll start on it probably this weekend, if not it will be soon.
01/24/2000 - I was able to get the cylinder holmed out and get the piston installed. Now I have to get the timing gear and chain set right and cam shaft installed. I did this over the cold weekend, and plan on finishing up the engine very soon. I will keep this site posted as things go along.

03/20/2000 - Karen and I got the cam installed and needing now a new point set and harness. It needs replacing, so I will be contacting Honda and getting prices.
06/27/2000 - I know it's been a while since we've updated this page, but Karen and I was able to get the CT90 running. The carburator still needs cleaning though. I will be doing that tonight. Karen is suppose to have the bike re-keyed, get a battery, a front headlight bulb, and spark plug cap. I plan on spending the rest of the week dedicated to getting the bike running stable. I will still have to free up the back wheel, get a new chain, get some newer bolts and nuts, and fix the torn seat. I still plan on having the majority of the bike done by this weekend. The lights, blinkers and everything works. THE BIKE IS NEARLY READY !!
06/29/2000 - We got it running and nearly together. Click here to see the video clip I made last night. The video clip is a little jittery, but that's the compression that I have to use. Now all we have to do, is free up the back wheel, get a new chain, re-apolster the seat, get new mirrors and a new windshield. Some of the parts I ordered yesterday should come in monday of next week. They are two carburator jets (because it still won't idle) and a new headlight (because the low beam is out). Other than that, it is about ready to drive. I do plan to work on it a little this weekend.
07/11/2000 - After working for the past few weeks, Karen and I got the back brake freed up. We had to order a brake cam, and it should be in today or tomorrow. We got the new headlight installed, got a new chain and other small items were installed that I ordered a few weeks ago The bike starts great other than it will not idle right. We will probably take it by honda to be sure if we're not missing something on the carburator. I plan on putting the back wheel back together this week and get it on the bike. Also, we got the bike re-keyed, and we will get duplicates made this week. The bike is ready other than getting the seat re-upolstered and a new windshield. I don't know if we will get a new one, but it would be nice to get one to make it look like what it was originally set up with. Karen and I are excited to get it running and completed before the deadline of August.

07/12/2000 - Karen and I got the back wheel assembled and working. The brake works great! I installed the new chain as well. Everything is going great. I didn't get it started though, because it was late and I was tired. We will drain the gas and replace it, because Karen and I did smell an enamel odor, concluding that the tank still has garbage in it. We will try and get it running tonight. All that is left is getting the seat re-apolstered and cleaning up the bike.

07/18/2000 - Karen was finally able to ride the CT90. We are still having problems with the carburator and still need to get the seat re-apolstered. Once this is complete, everything is done. It has a hard time starting and I can't figure out why, other than carburation problems. The engine has plenty of compression, and it's firing good too. Hopefully, I will resolve the carburator issue later and update this page. We also started on the Elite 50, I got it running great other than getting a tube, battery, and ignition set for it.

07/21/2000 - We ran into problems with the electrical system. The bike is not firing right and it's totally ran down the battery. Karen and I plan on spending saturday taking off the coil, rectifier and other electrical parts so we can have them tested. The bike runs intermittently, but I'm tired of kick starting the bike so much. It should start the first time, so that's why I think there is electrical problems. This may take a week or two, but I should know something. We dropped off the seat wednesday to get it re-apolstered. It should be ready tomorrow for pickup. The bike is ready other than the electrical problems. We did get the key, tube and other parts for the Elite 50. It runs great, but we still have to put the tube on and start putting the frame back together. The only other parts is the right blinker needs replacing and a speedometer, or somekind of cable needs replacing. It's ready to ride. The battery is doing great. I'll keep things posted here as the week progresses.
08/14/2000 - Karen received one of the best birthday presents she ever wanted. Her aunt Linda is giving the yellow Honda to her for a present. I've never had so much pride in working on a bike than I have for Linda. She's a wonderful person, that deserves everything life has to offer. On a smaller note, the red Elite blew our new tube again. The wheel and tire is so out of wack, we're going have to replace it. So it needs a little TLC, but is a working bike. Also, we plan on working the electrical problem with the Honda. I want the bikes totally completed before winter, so I plan on working on those along with the other projects we have. I will keep things posted here as we progress on the Bikes.
10/31/2000 - We decided to break down and buy a new carburator. It's been running off and on, but the CT-90 carburator and how I have it put together may not be right. Anyway, if we get the carb and it still acts up, I might have to take the heads off and reseat the valves. Whenever it runs, it runs great, but we can't keep it running. I did clean the tank and will have to put inline fuel filters. Also, we cleaned the carb, tank and fixed the wheel on the Elite. I took the blinker assembly off, because both sides are shattered. If I buy a new battery, get a speedo cable, and new blinker assembly, this Elite will be at it's prime. It's been a pretty dependable bike since I've cleaned up the carb and tank. Anyway, I will try and order the new carburetor this week and keep working until the CT-90 is dependable. I'll keep things posted.
12/31/2000 - Karen and I regret to anounce that Linda Clark passed away on 12/16/2000 at 10:00 PM due to complications with her cancer. It seems that pneumonia set in and her body could not fight it. Karen and I are very sad. The holidays have been kinda gloomy. We finished the CT-90 and it runs great. All we need now is to clean it up and fix minor cosmetic items. The horn doesn't work, but I think we can replace it. I took the bike out today and rode it most of the afternoon. I just wish Linda was here to see it run. As of now, the project is done, and we appreciate you visiting our site.
In loving memory of Linda Wade Clark
May 1957 - December 2000

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