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1968 Mustang Restoration

The only pictures we have currently is the day we put the engine in.  I have pictures of the car before I primered it.  I want to scan those in some day and add it to our site.  Here are the pics below.









Here is the car's original specs:

When we purchased this car, it did not have the engine or transmission.  The car had been stripped of all its moldings, engine and transmission.   The previous owner started the restore as a project in high school.  They had sold the engine and tranny, but I was able to get all the other pieces.  I purchased this car at a very low price.  I had already had a 302 and FMX transmission, all I needed was the body of the car.

Here's my engine specs as of 10/12/1999:

As of now, I haven't started the engine yet, but plan to soon since I got the carb yesterday.  I have to get a carburator adapter due to the large flange on the carburator.  This carb came off a 1977 Lincoln Continental.  I hope it works.  NOTE:  The Carburator in the pictures above was the old Holley 650 CFM.  It did not have the Automatic kickdown I needed for my tranny, and I couldn't get the adapter plate from Holley.  That's why I went to a different Carburator.

10/18/1999    New pics !!!!

Thanks to Linda, my wife and I had just gotten a page scanner.  We just scanned in new pictures of our daughter's school pictures.



Here are some earlier pictures we had of the 68 Mustang as we were working on the body.




I will continue to update this web site as things progress with the Mustang.   My wife and I turned the engine over this weekend and lack very little to have the ignition system and linkages complete.  We have to put some kind of exhaust on it, so hopefully we will be ready soon !!!

10/25/1999 - We were not able to complete the wiring this weekend. My friend Jeff had started the process, but could not do anything else until get more ends, couplers, different colored wire, battery box, etc. After he had left, Glenn and I was able to install the battery, install the coil and re-wire the burnt part of the original harness. I also got some exhaust from Roy's, that should fit the driver's side. I will probably cut my original exhaust to fit the passenger side. Jeff had to finish plowing up his grandmother's garden, but he plans on coming back this weekend.

10/31/1999 - Again, Jeff was not able to come out this weekend due to customers taking his time up at his shop saturday. Karen and I was able to wire the lights for our new gauges and also run the wires for the tachometer. Everything is ready inside the car minus a few dash bulbs that are out. I noticed that the interior dash lights are very dim. Anyway, all we lack is the dash temp and oil gauges hooked up and the external wiring of the ignition module, alternator and the hookup of my tachometer wire that I ran. Karen and I also fitted two pieces of exhaust pipe to the manifolds. All I need is a couple of pieces of tubing and mufflers and I'm ready to finish running the exhaust. Everything is looking good.

11/08/1999 - Glenn and I worked on the Mustang Saturday. Jeff was not able to come again, but we were able to get the Neutral Safety bypassed. The car turned over by the key switch and we also ran the ignition module and coil. The car ran with us putting gas in the carb, but we had to pull the tank. The line had more trash in it and got into the filter of the tank. I was able to get gas to the carburator and it ran a little. I purchased wing bolts for the valve covers and will place them on this week. I plan on being off from work Thursday and Friday. I'll try and run the alternator then and tune the car so it can run. I'M EXCITED THAT IT RAN FOR A LITTLE TIME OFF THE BATTERY !!!



After setting the timing correctly, replacing the Selenoid, correctly wiring the Alternator, the car finally ran. It's a little rough right now and I might have to rebuild/replace the carburator. It seems to have problems at quick throttle ups, like it was choking on gas. Afterall, we're just happing to hear it run. I will probably get sombody to help me with adjusting the valves, get more tranny fluid, and finish the exhaust. Karen and I got the braking system working as well. We bled the brake lines and got some petal for the car to stop. I messed up, by placing the thermostat backwards, but I wanted to goto a cooler thermostat anyway (160 degrees). We're well on our way now !!!

11/22/1999 - Well, we tried to rebuild the quadraJUNK, and it still leaked. On top of that, the car wouldn't even start now. I went to a friend's house and he gave me an old Holley 650 to try out. If it worked, he wanted $50 for it. I blasted, cleaned and lubed it up and it works great. I called him and told him that it was worth every penny. The car was still missing, so I had re-adjusted the valves and it smoothed out. One of the rocker bolts had even come out. Now, they rattle a little, so Karen and I will do a final adjustment on the rocker arms. The car runs so smooth now. We purchased exhaust pieces and had a muffler shop fab us up replacement collector pipes. I had him put me new O-rings and they fit great. Right now, I've just got the mufflers attached and will run them out in front of the tires this weekend. We still have some timing adjustments to do, because the timing marker for the Harmonic balancer is on the drivers side and everybody tells me it is suppose to be on the passenger side. Once we have the car timed right, we plan to start driving it. Oh, I forgot, we need to replace the Master Cylinder for the brakes. It's kinda scary to pull it out of the garage with as much torque as it has. Karen and I are very pleased with how things are going.

11/29/1999 - Karen and I got a lot done to the car over the holidays. We were able to use Mustang II seats. Karen and I dyed them black and installed the seats. They are awesome. We still have to get more die to finish the seats. My uncle Jack is going to give us the money for the carpet. Glen and I put the trunk and hood on. We don't have to cut out the hood for a hood scoop. The breather clears the hood. I can't get the new carburator to idle right at low RPM's. I talked with a friend this weekend that might help me with it. I did get the valves adjusted right and it runs Great other than the idle problems. Anyway, I still need to get the brakes right and will work on them later. Things are looking great !!!

12/05/1999 - We didn't do anything to the car of the weekend. I did show it to somebody who is building a 64 1/2 mustang. It gave him some hope for finishing his when he heard this one start.

12/27/1999 - It's the holidays and all we are doing is starting the Mustang every week. We will soon be working on it again.

01/11/2000 - I had gone out to just start the car, and it idled at 600 RPM. I don't know how this happened, but it worked for a good while. Later that evening, it started acting up again and I was able to tune the car to idle at 600 RPM again. I don't think I have a vacuum leak, but this is very interesting. I still will need to put a brake booster on this car to get it to stop. We will also need to put hood pins to keep the hood down. After the brakes, hood pins, tuning, and hooking up the kick down, we are able to paint the car. We will also be working on the interior as well. I plan on keeping things posted on what happens.

01/18/2000 - Well, over the weekend, I had a friend (Shane) come over and take a look at the carburator on the 68 Mustang. He said that it was running too lean. He also found that the idlers were not working either. He took it home along with a rebuild kit and will be rebuilding it soon. As soon as I get it back, I will put it on the car. The 1968 Mustang is outside now, because I painted a 1993 Taurus that Karen and I sold to David Anderson. He was pleased with the paint job I did. Here are the pics, taurus1.jpg, taurus2.jpg, and taurus3.jpg I was very pleased with the paint job.

01/24/2000 - I ordered the shaft kit and shaft bushings today from Ralph at C & S Special (314) 723-4996. I'm having them sent to Roy's house for Shane to assemble my carburator. As soon as it is done, Karen and I are going to go full force on finishing the mustang.

01/31/2000 - I'm still awaiting for my carburator from Shane. He's got the parts, but has to take his lunch time to put it back together. I will soon be buying the carpet and paint for the Mustang. We'll keep things posted as they go. I also plan on purchasing a digital camera.

02/14/2000 - Shane has been out on training for the past week. He's been too busy to finish the carburator, but I know he plans on completing it soon. I did purchase a digital camera and we will be taking pictures very soon to be placed here on site. Also, Karen purchased a gravity fed paint gun over the weekend, when we went to Napa. Napa is a little more costly, but they help you and do whatever it takes to give you your money's worth. That means more to me than saving a buck to get the runaround. Karen picked out the Red paint, but the Torch red in Polyeurothane is over $300 a gallon. We went with a different red in Acrylic Enamel and purchased a quart of Clear Coat. This was only $138. The paint is called Vermilion red. This is a Ford color. I plan on painting the car this weekend whether I get the carburator or not. If anything, I want to get started on it.

02/22/2000 - Well, it's painted. I have to wet sand some spots and maybe repaint two areas that had problems. Hopefully, I can just wet sand and repaint the clear coat. It looks great, but you know I want it to be great. Here are the pics.














03/07/2000 I know it's been a while since I've updated this page. Karen and I have been really busy with getting the Mustang right as far as the paint. I put the wheels and tires back on it and pulled it out of the garage. We had to purchase new floats for the carburator because Shane said the ones he had were not going to work. After we put the carburator back on, we plan on going into high gear in completing this car. The paint really looks great, although we will need to wet sand some areas of clear coat and finish buffing it out. Overall it looks great even before we buff it. I'll be posting more information on this site later.

03/20/2000 Major oil leak started this past week. Now I have to try and fix this while I'm on vacation the week of April 3rd. I'm hoping that it's just the Oil Pan seal in the rear, but suspicions lead me to believe that it is the rear oil seal. Well anyway, I got the temporary carburator running, but it's too much, so it loads up when you step on it. When the choke was on, all I got was black smoke coming out (too rich). It's enough for now. Well, I'll keep items posted here as things progres !

04/10/2000 IT'S FIXED !! Well, I adjusted the valves and fixed the oil leak. It really runs good. Also, Karen and I put the majority of the moldings back on the car. All lights work and it really looks great. I'll be taking photo's of it soon and placing it on the web site.

04/11/2000 Here are the pics I took yesterday.






04/17/2000 Got the brakes fixed on the car. The adjustments had been previously painted, and would not move. Once I fixed these items, the brakes work great. The pads and drums were in excellent shape and seemed to be recently installed. The carpet has been ordered, but had not come in yet (it probably will be in today). I will start on the interior and work on the heater coil soon.

05/24/2000 Well, I just changed jobs, and haven't updated this site in a while. I will say, that I have to order a new flywheel and harmonic balancer. Jeff told me the engine was out of balance. I will do this later. I did get all the parts for the heater coil, and heater fan. I will be putting it in soon. I also will need the carpet insulation due to the fact that my dog chewed up my old one. Also, the headlight switch overheats. I will have to replace it as well. I will keep you posted, but have to be settled in my new job. I won't get the time I used to though.

06/14/2000 I know, things are a little on hold. I found out that I have to order a flywheel and harmonic balancer set, because my engine is out of balance. Anyway, I'm trying to purchase a new motorcycle right now, so as soon as I get it, I'm right back on with the car. The cash flow has been designated for a better motorcyle than my Silverwing. Anyway, I'll post information soon.

08/02/2000 My bike finally arrived. I purchased a brand new 1997 Katana 600 Gold. This was a leftover bike that the dealer neaded to liquidate in NY. He said that it was excess inventory. Anyway, it came with a 12 month warranty as well, and I got it for a really good discount. Here is a pic of the bike still in the crate the day it shipped to our house. Also, our friends kids got in this picture (as well as my daughter). Left to right is Brennon, Kaylin, Courtney, and Shayna.

08/14/2000 I guess that things are back on schedule. Shane is currently looking into getting me a flywheel and balancer for my car. Also, he plans on helping me finish the car within these next few months. I agreed to let them bring a 1968 Cougar XRZ to the garage for building into a race car. While Shane is working on it he plans on bringing the MIG Welder and other tools I will need to finish my car. Also, he plans on finishing the carburator soon. It's back on, so I plan on these next few months completing the car. We have a newborn due to arrive within the next week or two, so I will post information regarding her birth.

09/05/2000 She's here, she's finally here. Kassandra (Kassie) Lynn Davidson was born on August 25th, 2:08 PM and weighed 7 lbs and 8 oz. She was 19 1/2 inches long and is in great health. I had time off the work on the 68 after she was born. I was able to get the engine balanced better, but I can't seem to get it perfectly balanced. We believe that it is internal. I also picked up a 3:55 ring and pinion set for the mustang and plan on putting it on soon. I got the heater coil and heater fan installed. The heater coil seems to be working great. I have to wire the fan up next. Glen and I installed the new Grant steering wheel and got the horns working. They may have to be replaced, and there may be trouble in the steering system. When I turn the steering wheel, the horn goes off. Anyway, I will look into it later. I finished putting the carburator together minus the float springs, which I will pick up this week. Hopefully the carburator will work better than the one I borrowed. Thanks to Shane for rebuilding it. I'll put it on this week. Also, we're ready to install the insulation and carpet. Next the seats will go in. I'm hoping to have to car completed very soon.

09/11/2000 Karen and I got the carpet installed in the Mustang. It really looks great. I plan on working on the trim, chrome, and other parts that are small that takes alot of time. But the carburator is on and working and the car is running great. I will post more as I go.

09/18/2000 I spent the entire weekend working on the 68 stang. Let's start with the drive shaft. I did have to wrong u-joint installed, so I had to re-install a new one. The car doesn't vibrate any longer. Also, the carburator is still running rich. I fouled out the plugs this weekend, and need to replace them. Jeff Eleazer plans on helping me with the carburator and timing to finish up the car. We got the heater fan working, along with alot of the chrome trim and emblems installed. We lack only a few items externally to use. I also plan on using the same wheels and hubcaps for now. They really do look nice. Karen helped me with alot of the trim. I took the car down the road once and it really rides good other than the mixture/timing problems I've mentioned. I called the get insurance on the car today and got a very reasonable quote. We don't lack much, but putting the dash together along with some other minor work. I will be posting things as we progress.

09/26/2000 We broke down and purchased a new carburator. It is a Edelbrock 600 CFM / 4 Barrel Electric Choke carburator. I've already got it on with minimum modification. Karen and I plan on marking a new Top Dead Center mark on the balancer this weekend. Since it's on the passanger side and my marker is on the driver side, we have to remark it to get my timing right. The car runs great other than getting the original seats, finishing the dashpad and other small items. I will keep things posted as I go along.

10/09/2000 Over the weekend, we finalized some heater connections. The car has heat now. I still lack some interior items, like the glovebox and dashpad, but they should be completed within the next week. I am ordering two new kickpanels and some hardware to finish up my dash pieces. The dash carpet should be here today. Karen will pick them up. We are suppose to get some decent tires within the next week. Anyway, here are some pics I took over the weekend.




10/25/2000 Glen and I finally got the gear in the car. It runs great !!! Karen and I still have to put the glove box in and finish screwing down the tank, bolting up some trim and cleaning the engine area. Most of this is just cosmetic, but I believe the car is finished. I might do some tuning, but overall, we are happy that the car runs and drives great. Now we can put it in shows. I will post anything new here. I plan on taking more pictures after we clean it up.

03/12/2001 We got the kick down installed and working. We also purchased 4 tires and had them mounted and balanced. They're great! I polished the chrome today and cleaned up the car. I need to wet sand, buff and wax the car sometime soon. I just found out that the viration that's in the car is caused by the driveshaft being out of balance. I would have never known until I put the new gear in it. Anyway, we plan on taking the driveshaft to Nashville to have it balanced. Then we will replace the speedometer cable, hook up the emergency brake and other small mechanical items.

Check out the new pics I took today!!!





09/06/2001 I'm sorry to end this page, but the 68 Mustang was sold to Daniel and Dlynn Kennedy. Their adventure has just began with it, but I'm sure they will enjoy it as much as we have. One last comment I wanted to make, was that I found that this car was actually a "Sprint" model. It had the GT foglights, GT wheels and GT gascap. I did have the exhaust totally reworked and ran out the back with a chrome tips. Karen and I have enjoyed working on this car, but I'm sure that it has a whole new adventure with its fine new owners. Good luck Dlynn and Daniel !!!!!

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